A media agency with over 35 years of experience

We specialize in creating and managing multifaceted media plans including placement on television, cable, satellite, radio, print, and web.  In addition, Lighthouse Media effectively coordinates TV program placement for programmers.  Lighthouse Media also works with stations on both a cash and trade basis.

If you are an established program or if you are just starting out in broadcasting, Lighthouse Media can help you grow your organization.

Our years of experience and extensive relationships with media providers assure you of the most effective media placement schedule.

Where Lighthouse Media is going

  • Delivering desired results for every client.
  • Building up the organizations we serve by the proper application and execution of an effective media mix.
  • Developing long-term client relationships based on trust, performance and shared goals.

We will:

  • Get to know your needs.
  • Shape services that plan for growth and results.
  • Hold all members accountable to a high level of performance.
  • Develop and implement a customized media strategy.
  • Establish an evaluation structure of “what is success.”
  • Deliver rapid, accurate, customer service.

Nothing to lose and everything to gain

There is no cost for our media research that provides you a vision of where you want to go with media outreach and also the best possible timing.

Start receiving the answers, support, service and value that you deserve today! Contact Lighthouse Media.