What Is Being Said About Lighthouse Media?

“We have worked with Erich Lau and his company for over 15 years. He is an excellent media consultant and also has a creative mind. He has been able to procure media buys which have saved the ministry a great deal of money.”

- Media Buyer for a ministry that airs around the world on multiple satellite networks as well as on over 80 television stations nationwide

“In the late nineties, as I was trying to balance an increasingly complex agency operation within a rapidly evolving broadcast media environment, the one resource to which I consistently found myself turning was Lighthouse Media. Whether the task was locating an outlet in a new market, evaluating a station’s performance in an existing area or finding an alternative for a solution that was not as positive as everyone had first hoped, Erich Lau and Lighthouse Media increasingly got the first call.

I first worked with Erich in 1989 at a time when this agency was just starting to expand from a smaller regional profile into new, larger markets across the country. Erich’s expertise proved to be invaluable. His skilled negotiations and attention to detail limited the chaos and worked to our advantage time and time again. He approached each and every negotiation with a ‘Client first’ attitude–and said many times, ‘What’s good for the client, in the long run, is good for everyone.’ Erich’s first commitment was always to the timely and accurate servicing of our account. From the very beginning he provided the ‘added value’ that is Lighthouse Media. Along with extra services such as insightful market information and the analyses of current media trends, I’ve found Lighthouse to be a great partner.

Lighthouse Media is staffed to respond in a quick, capable manner to this agency’s unique needs and the organization has an intuitive ability to work with, and within, our systems. New contracts, renewals, traffic, promotions and invoicing all flow smoothly. Of course there will always be issues that arise in a client/station relationship and the goal is to keep all sides as happy as possible. When these issues surface the members of the staff at Lighthouse are easy to access as they work to find solutions and/or alternatives to the situation.

Erich is a proactive manager and makes it a priority to continue to look at our current markets for potential upgrades and improvements. Through the course of these dealings Erich and the staff always maintain sensitivity to the confidential aspects of our clients. Lighthouse is very good at keeping everything in balance.

My time is the one thing I can’t buy back at any price and efficiency is the one trait that has kept this agency profitable. Erich and Lighthouse Media are a major reason we can continue with a successful operation.”

- President of a national media agency

“Lighthouse Media’s expertise in my local market saved me $700 a week in airtime costs. In these hard times, that makes a huge difference to my church budget. That savings allowed our church to hire a Youth Pastor.”

- Pastor of a small church